Celebrating You and Yours


Author: John Polatz, Publisher and CEO

There is more magic and beauty in this issue of American Senior magazine than usual and, no, it’s not just because of how well we captured the traditional holiday spirit in many of the pieces contained herein.

I do think our readers will agree that the lineup of features in Issue 6 including “The Art of Visiting,” “The History of Our Holidays & Traditions”, and “Becoming the Family Food Historian” are each brilliant articles that, when taken as a whole, will also evoke the requisite waves of nostalgia and anticipation expected for our holiday celebrations with friends and family. In keeping with the themes of the season, this content wonderfully reflects our shared American experiences as well as either watching Macy’s Parade or Mighty Joe Young reruns on network TV every Thanksgiving Day.

However, I believe that within the pages of this issue is an equally strong undertow of common American values and important cultural connections: the celebration of intergenerational love and respect.

Start first on page 14 with the “Uplift and Inspire” story about musician Macklemore and his tribute to his 100-year-old Grandma Helen. Maybe you’re already one of the 88 million views of their “Glorious” video on YouTube? If not, after you read Seamus Mullarkey’s account, go watch the video online.

Then, turn to page 26 for Audrey Barr’s interview with Victoria Price, daughter of the iconic American actor Vincent Price and his wife, Mary Grant Price. Victoria shares with AS her mission to honor her parents and their joy, generosity of spirit, and open-mindedness. Most interestingly, she is making this happen by re-printing cookbooks which the couple collaborated on and originally produced as many as 50 years ago!

Every American family has similar levels of intergenerational love and respect for each other, and it is my wish this holiday season that we all nurture every opportunity to make this magic happen in our lives. Time is precious and never in as much supply as we’d like, so please make the most of it.

Happy reading, and season’s greeting from American Senior!


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