Honoring Seniors


Author: John Polatz, Publisher and CEO

For 12 weeks between September and December last year, American Senior magazine sponsored our first Salute to Seniors campaign with six Townsquare Media FM radio stations in the northeastern US. Each week, radio station listeners were invited to nominate seniors for public recognition of the contributions they have made to their local communities. Dozens of friends and families from Pennsylvania to Maine responded to the program, sharing with us the emotional and awe-inspiring stories of their loved one’s service and dedication to their fellow Americans.

You can enjoy reading about each of them on the ASM website here: www.americanseniormagazine.com/S2S!

As someone who is completely in the tank for both Americans and seniors, I am probably not the most objective person to evaluate the community-building significance of a program like Salute to Seniors. In addition, I am also a native New Jerseyan (exit 16W off the Turnpike), so I am culturally attuned to the way the northeast and the diverse populations there do, in fact, look out for and take care of each other (contrary to popular opinion).

When I had the privilege of meeting many of the Salute to Seniors nominees at events around the region, I wasn’t at all surprised by what I encountered: genuine, compassionate, and larger-than-life people who were both proud of their service to others and humbled by the attention. To them, giving back to their communities is simply a natural extension of who they are, and something they would say is a personal responsibility for anyone who has benefitted from the support of others during their lives.In my book, that includes every single one of us. We all stand on the shoulders of someone who has come before us, and, I believe, we all have a shared responsibility to give back in whatever capacity we can. Let’s celebrate the spirit of the Salute to Seniors program in your community today, and honor those who honor others with their time and attention!


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