The Best Laughter


Author: John Polatz, Publisher and CEO

I believe that the most powerful and beneficial form of laughter is the one that’s shared. When two or more people share a laugh, they’re exposing themselves to each other and bonding together in ways that other forms of communication simply cannot achieve.

I’ve seen and lived it firsthand within my own life. And, I believe many American Senior readers out there can relate when I say that laughter is also one of the strongest glues in the family and friendship bonds.

For example, our first child had one of those deep, huskyboy laughs as an infant, and my wife and I would exhaust every opportunity we had to elicit that beautiful sound from him. It was so easy to do and when we got him going either with a tickle or by playing peeka-boo or whatever, we were rewarded with the best, most genuine and most human form of entertainment we had ever known: the pure, unadulterated laughter of a young child.

A few years later, our second child was born, and soon the two “boys’ boys” would deliver a deep, harmonious chortling in stereo, often during the evening bedtime ritual as they fed off of each other’s antics and descended into hysterical laughter together. Just a few years later still, our third child came along, and she rounded off the corners and softened our boys’ chorus of base with her own contribution of that sweet, high-pitched giggly laughter. Oh, the memories….

Today, our three children are, respectively, a teenage, a pre-teen and an eight-going-on-eighteen-year-old (while some of you might have chuckled a little yourselves at that…thank you, but I was actually being serious!). Nowadays, when the five of us sit around the dinner table, we often reminisce about the more memorable bouts of laughter we shared during their younger childhood years and, inevitably, we all break out into smiles, chortles, and giggles yet again. The effect is endless, as are the benefits.

So, let’s all please do ourselves some good and share a laugh with someone today.



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