Easy Ways to Add More Laughter To Your Life


Many health studies have proven the benefits of laughter to decrease stress, boost immunity, lower blood pressure, burn calories, and improve heart health. But with terrible news stories, the passing of good friends, a struggling economy, and even concerns like higher bills, stressful jobs, and other problems in our lives, it can seem difficult to find reasons to laugh. Fortunately, these easy tricks can help you add more laughter to your life even when it may seem there is nothing to laugh about.

Nothing can get your ribs tickling faster than a good joke, and your local library has books filled with jokes, riddles, and funny anecdotes. Read books from your favorite comedians or even look for comic compilations. Reading the funny pages in the newspaper can give you a daily giggle; buy a comic-a-day calendar so you have something new to smile about every day. Be sure to clip out the daily comics that really make you laugh so you can look back on them whenever you need another smile.

If you prefer to see jokes live instead of reading them, look for local comedy shows and performances. Some dinner theater locations regularly have comedy events, or you can check out family-friendly magic shows or improv clubs that are sure to have an element of laughter. Along with comedy performances, investigate school or community plays and musicals of popular, fun shows.

You don’t even have to leave home to enjoy a funny performance when you watch your favorite comedy movies. Pop up some popcorn or grab a delicious movie-watching treat and enjoy the smiles, laughs, and guffaws. If you don’t quite have time for a full movie, you can pack plenty of smiles into a sitcom instead. You can even watch funny YouTube videos for a quick laugh whenever you need it.

Pictures don’t have to be moving to be funny and help you laugh. Look through old photos and photo albums to remember all the good times you’ve had to laugh about, from the clothes you thought were so cool decades ago to the antics of children and grandchildren, not to mention your own childhood adventures. Sharing those stories and photos with others can help you enjoy more laughs yourself as well as get others to smile.

Even as you laugh out loud with all the fun you’re discovering and rediscovering, try singing to make your smile even wider. Sing along to your favorite songs, whether they’re today’s popular hits or favorites from years gone by, even the childhood songs or limericks you sang over and over in grade school. As long as they make you smile, that’s where the fun and laughter begins.

To get more involved in your own laughter, get active. You’re never too old to play with favorite toys, and the memories they bring back are sure to bring laughs as well. Board games or party games like charades or Pictionary are other fun options and are easy to play with family members and friends. You might even try visiting a local playground. When was the last time you smiled on a swing or laughed your way down a slide? For more advanced laughing, consider a local ropes course or challenge course and all the smiles it can give you and the people you share it with.

If you like the idea of going someplace fun for more laughter but don’t think a playground is the right spot, consider other places where play and fun are the orders of the day. An amusement park, county fair, circus, or curiosity museum will be filled with things to smile about, or you could consider a children’s museum or exploratorium for a laugh-filled day.

For a very active option sure to make you laugh, consider giggle-worthy community events. Themed 5K or fun run events are popular and might involve costumes, color runs with powder to toss or even obstacle courses with inflatable challenges. Pets are even welcome at many of these events, and their eagerness to join in—not to mention the costumes their human competitors choose for their four-legged companions—are sure to lead to chuckles and chortles.

Of course, animals are always full of laughs. If you adopt a new companion, you’ll have years of laughter to share together. If you aren’t quite up to adopting a baby animal, however, you can still enjoy plenty of giggly fun if you visit a zoo to see its collection of young residents, or you can find a local petting zoo where you can interact with baby animals and share in all their fun.

The more ways you bring laughter into your life, the more you will find to smile about, and the happier—and healthier!—you’ll be!

Melissa Mayntz is a Florida-based freelance writer always looking for more reasons to laugh. 

To get more involved in your own laughter, get active.