Letting Nature Be

Celebrating the Beauty of Land and Wildlife Conservation


Across the U.S., there are protected habitats and natural landscapes where wildlife is free to exist without the threat of human interaction. Nature reserves are not federally funded like national parks, but similar to national parks, they are places where wildlife is protected and undisturbed—completely natural. Many are privately funded and supported through trusts, donations, and community volunteerism. These organizations share an altruistic mission so great, reserves limit or even restrict access to people entirely, as their sole purpose is protection of these environments. The scientific research and educational outreach leads to better safeguards for these environments and disappearing habitats, so our glorious lands can remain just that for generations.

Jerod Foster for the Nature Conservancy

Davis Mountains Preserve
Fort Davis, Texas

Courtesy of American Prairie Reserve

American Prairie Reserve
Bozeman, Montana

World’s End
Hingham, Massachusettes

Bartholomew’s Cobble
Sheffield, Massachusettes

Matador Ranch
Dodson, Montana

Cascade Head
Tillamook County, Oregon

Cedar Swamp Preserve
Manchester,  New Hampshire